Is This Marriage?


I saw this image awhile back and it got me thinking, “is this what I can expect from marriage?”

For a long time, not being married was all I thought about and grieved about. No matter how hard I tried no man wanted to marry me. So, I prayed and prayed about my single state hoping that God would hear me and provide a suitable man who would be overjoyed to marry me. Instead, I got a series of reasons why marriage today or today’s version of marriage was the very last thing I needed.

I began to understand that I was seeking the safety and security that I always assumed came with marriage. Isn’t that what it says in the vows, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health. But from this picture and its accompanying story, I guess there are no vows pertaining to attacks by wild animals. For me, there would have been no living with the level of betrayal I would have felt after my husband kept filming the attack instead of dropping the camera and running to my aid.

And just when I’d put writing this article out of my head, I was killing time by watching TV – an old episode of Without a Trace – one of the FBI agents starts reciting the marriage vows when a wife comes up missing and they suspect the husband. (And by the way more wives are killed by their husbands that wild animals). He starting saying is, for richer or poorer or till cheating do us part.”

Ulma, Cheating. When men cheat on the likes of Hallie Berry, Princess Diana, and Ulma Thurman what’s a woman to do? Get Botox injections, stay on a perpetual diet, exercise until I drop, have my entire body lifted, tucked, and sucked.


Men have bills, too. Men have children, i.e. Child support. Men have baby mamas, ex-wives, i.e., alimony. And I as his next wife or girlfriend am I expected to hand over some of my hard earned money to his baby mama, ex girlfriend or wife. Oh hell no!

Maybe marriage isn’t for me afterall!




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