America Has A New Pope



As a writer, I find that it’s just as important to know when not to write an article as it is to know what article to write.

 Two weeks, the world, and I literary mean the world, waited in sincere anticipation for election of a new Pope.  As a born and bred Southern Baptist, I was somewhat curious and at the same time annoyed that the world was watching this process as if the Catholic Church represented all Christians.  And, therefore, the Pope would have greater authority with God.      

I for one do not want the Catholic Church being put forth as the idyllic form of Christianity.  For me, Catholicism is about as Christian as Islamism and Judaism.

I have two funny but very real problems with the Catholic Church. 

The Bible isn’t even read in most Catholic services.  They have their ritual prayers and masses that are spoken to idols and saints which is the exact opposite of what Christians are supposed to do.  At least, in our Baptist, Protestant, and Methodist services we pretend to read the Bible. 

Secondly, have you ever heard a Catholic choir sing?  They’re so heavenly, they’ll literary put you to sleep.  Our Baptist Choirs can get down.  A Black Baptist Choir will have you stomping your feet and feeling like you’re at an orderly rock concert.

You’ll leave Church feeling like you at least got God’s attention. 

And what’s with all that GOLD?  A good Baptist minister would have melted all that Gold down and put the proceeds in the Church operational fund, if not his own.  All I can think of when I see an elaborate Catholic Church is that sin pays very well, and that there’s a lot of sin going on in that Church.

But all jokes aside, I took an interest in this process because like Pope Benedict, I had to step away from my office at my local church, also.  No comparison of course, but you get the point.  That it’s good to know when to say ‘when’ or as Kenny Rogers would say, ‘You gotta know when to fold ‘em.’

However, this is the thing that made me hesitate about writing this post, I disliked Pope Benedict intensely.  I can’t explain it.  I can’t rationalize it.  All I know is that I disliked him from the word go.  Whenever, I saw him on TV I couldn’t get pass the dark under eye circles and what looked, to me, like razor sharp teeth.   He made me think of a wild animal chewing on its prey.  I hate to say it, but I was somewhat happy to see him go. 

And it further distresses me that I actually like this new Pope.  He reminds me of Pope John Paul.  And he doesn’t look as if he’s chewed on anyone lately.  He looks squeaky clean. 

But that’s the problem — squeaky clean is squeaky clean.  Squeaky clean can be hard-line and unforgiving which I’m praying the new Pope won’t be.  I would sincerely hate to see a return to 1950 Catholicism. 

Ant that is my serious problem with the Catholic Church.  That it did so much damage – in the name of God — during the forties and fifties, in Germany, Australia, South America, South Africa, and America..  And like the current Pope stated, it never apologized for that damage. Hopefully, this new Pope will find a way to bring the Catholic Church in line with what Jesus intended it to be because

I was going to entitle this posting, ‘Wake up America.  You’re not Catholic!  But after doing a bit of research, I find that oops! It just may be.  When you combine America’s Italians, Irish, Polish, Russians, and Philippines together and then take in account the current in surge of our Hispanic brothers, America is most definitely going Catholic.  That’s why it’s very important that Americans have a Pope that is current and in touch with the world.  And has enough wisdom to keep it spinning in the right direction because like it or not, we good old Southern Baptists are about to go extinct! 



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