Edward Snowden

Like most of you, I’ve been listening to the News coming out about the whistle blower Edward Snowden.

Unlike, you, however, I’ve known for years that the Government has been spying on so-called ‘normal’ citizens. I’ve only been blogging about it for the past year. 

However, I realize that a lot of you thought Stalked! By Voices was about mental illness or a fictionalized event.  No, it’s about how the government uses whatever means necessary to find out what it wants to know.

People are always asking me, “Aren’t you curious about why the Police are not arresting these people who are stalking you?”  My short answer is NO.

Long answer is, the Government has found in the people stalking me yet another way to spy and they’re going to keep on using them until they –the government — finds someone or something better. 

A little phone tapping is just the beginning, because, as I’ve learned over the years, you so called ‘normal’ citizens are far more dangerous than most terrorists.

I, myself, am far more afraid of ‘normal people’ than I am of the stalkers.

Click the link below for just one example:






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