Behind The Candelabra

Scene From Behind The Candelabra

You dear readers of A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth,’ know that I haven’t posted anything in a few weeks. My reason for not posting, FEAR. Fear of alienating readers. Fear of being sued. Fear of whatever and you name it.

The best way I know of getting over being afraid is to as Oprah once said on her show, “first you let the fear wash over you and drench you.” Once that’s done, you can face your fear more rationally without the mind altering chemical effects.

One of my fears involved the movie, ‘Behind The Candelabra,’ featuring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, which I recently read was nominated for an Emmy.

I have not seen nor will I ever see this movie. Even if I were caught in a blizzard and it was the only thing playing on cable, I’d still not watch it. The very thought of it gives me the willies.

In a time when it seems that a third of the men in the United States are declaring themselves gay, why, why, why encourage the rest of them by showing two very macho men engaging in gay behavior.

That was the thought that had me stalled for weeks and which I was afraid to express. But after several weeks of mulling it over, I find that I still feel the same.

Let me very clear here, I’m not anti gay, and as the saying goes, I have a lot of friends – real and true – who are gay. I’m just against sending people down the wrong road in the name of sexual liberation. Especially a road, dire I say it, as fraught with mind fields as that one.

Which brings me to the question, “Why didn’t the director of the film, employee two openly gay actors? I think he was after the shock value of casting Douglas and Damon. If he’d used real gay actors to play the part of a gay couple, I would have been more inclined to watch the film. But I think it taps that fear that all heterosexual men have that they’re secretly gay.


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