Perception.  No I don’t mean the TV show.  I mean how you see or think about things. 

It’s a Deming Principle that I first heard about while working at Exxon Company, U.S.A that I never really got or understood until years later when I was watching a made for TV movie about a military plane crash in Alaska. 

The General in charge of the base where the plane flew out of kept saying to the News reporter that, “We’re doing all we can to rescue the stranded crash survivors.”  

While the air force was busy trying to rescue the survivors, a severe blizzard blew in right over the crash area.  The General went back in front of the News reporters and this time stated that, “We are doing all we can to get to the stranded survivors but the severe blizzard was hampering their efforts.”

Meanwhile, a search and rescue plan flew over the crash site to confirm its location and make sure that the rescuers were headed in the right direction. 

As anyone who has watched the News lately will tell you, that a rescue mission most often turns into a body recovery mission.  So it went with this effort.  Most of the survivors froze to death while waiting for rescue. 

I was unable to sleep that night after watching this film because I kept thinking why instead of trying to rescue the survivors why hadn’t the Air Force tried saving their lives.

I know that my sound like an oxymoron, but if the Air Force had tried saving their lives instead of rescuing them, that plane that had flown over them earlier would have dropped blankets, and thermos of hot coffee and/or soup.  That way, they would have been alive upon rescue.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you know that I was vehemently opposed to the Chicago school closings.  I truly felt it was a blatant act of racism.  Because is the school board needed to save money, why not close the schools that had all the fancy computer equipment, extra programs, air conditioning and higher paid teachers?

Why close schools that are educating students without all the fancy frills?

And another thing, a while back, the city told us that our Black children were not learning because of the run-down conditions of the schools and over-crowding in the classrooms. 

So, to me, here was the ideal situation for our Black children to get a good education.  Small class sizes meant the teacher would have more control of the class and could be more hands on.  

Now, we’re being told our children will get a better education if we go back to larger class sizes because larger class sizes mean more tax dollars and more bling in the form of computers and ipads. 

My negative perception is that if a teacher can’t teach, it doesn’t matter what the size of the class is and whether or not there are computers or ipads.  

After all, most everyone in a position of power over at the school board and in the city council were educated in a time before computers and ipads. 

My positive perception is that, without sounding like a blatant racist myself, this might just help young black kids learn to get along with each other which is something they can’t seem to do now. 

But let’s just make sure we’re not trying to rescue them when we should be trying to save them.


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