DC Naval Yard Shooting

Hear we are again with yet another shooting.  It seems we are no longer safe anywhere these days, not in our work places, definately not in our schools, and not even in our homes.   And not because of any foreign terrorists acts like the one conducted by Syria President Bashar al-Assad.   We are not safe from ourselves.

The honest truth is aside from war, most Americans are killed by other Americans with guns that were purchased for safety reasons.  

It’s about time we woke up to the fact that we need to get the guns off the streets, out of the back closet, and out of the hands of people who might find another way of expressing their anger if they hadn’t had access to a gun.


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One thought on “DC Naval Yard Shooting

  1. Check this one out (quoting):

    Presenting Another Dozen Sacrificial Lambs to the Altar of Wishful Thinking

    Today, once again, yet another dozen people were unnecessarily and callously sacrificed upon the gun-control altar known as the “Gun-Free Zone.” This latest mass shooting was the second in four years at a military installation — this time the Washington, D.C., Naval Yard. The previous military mass shooting occurred at Fort Hood, Texas, just shy of four full years ago. The Fort Hood toll was thirteen dead, another thirty wounded; and it occurred, ironically enough, at an installation filled with people who were trained in small arms, yet were precluded by regulation from carrying them because they were in a “Gun-Free Zone” that wasn’t quite gun-free enough.

    Since 1950, every single mass shooting resulting in four or more deaths save just one example has occurred in a supposedly “Gun-Free Zone.” You would have to be an absolute loon to believe that correlation is mere happenstance.


    — end quote —


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