A Writing Prompt or A Harbinger of Things To Come

Sometimes as a writer, you get these fantastic ideas for a novel or novella but because of other commitments — finishing rubysanders.wordpress.com and onethreethirteen.wordpress.com — you know you’ll never get around to starting the project let alone finishing it.

I have one such idea, and I was reminded of it again this morning while watching ‘Good Morning America. So, I’d like to throw that idea out to the writing community.

It goes like this:

When I was a child, we were taught in school that the sun is 93 million miles from earth and that the continental United States was farther south than it is today. However, if you fact check that in Wikipedia today, it states that the sun is 108 million miles from the earth and we’re experiencing a slow continental drift northward. My story idea takes that information and paints a doomsday that the sun is moving away from the earth and as it does it is slowly pulling the earth apart which is the reason for the recent rash of sinkholes.

Who would live and who would die.  And what would life be like on the part of the earth that was left in its old orbit.

A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth








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