Payback Is A Bitch

The Dust Bowl By Ken Burns

This weekend I happened to catch an airing of Ken Burn’s PBS Special, ‘The Dust Bowl.’  I couldn’t help but think that
some wise Indian Shaman had put a curse on the land. 

Here were all these Europeans thinking that they were going to build and prosper on land that they stole from the those ‘savage’ Indians, who by the way managed to keep the land, its native grasses, and the buffalo flourshing.

I found it particularly interesting that at one point, an older man and woman were recounting the experiece of watching their cattle being driven into a ravine and shot because there was a lack of food to feed them. 

One could have countered their heartfelt eperience with those of Native American children who had to watch their buffalo driven into a similar ravine and shot, not because of a lack of food, but becasue they served as food for the Native Americans.    (See Picture Below)

Buffalo Kills






Someone should have told those johnny come lately farmers that all that buffalo manure served as fertilizer.  And that destruction leads to more destruction. 

Sorry Ken burns, but those folks  had it coming.  Payback is a bitch.    Galatins 6:7-8

A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth








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