Marie Ankum God Heard You!

Corey Ankum

This year, I wasn’t feeling Christmas. Not at all. In my house there are no beautiful decorated trees, no fancy wrapped gifts to put under it even if I had one. There’s no front lawn decorated with Rudolph and Santa in his sleigh. And Christmas carols aren’t playing softly on my stereo. No, nada, zilch. Not even a dinky manger with the ubiquitous missing baby.

This year I was at the cross roads of three major losses.

First, and it took a little while for me to identify the nagging ache at the back of my brain. But Friday night, as I was standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes God said to me, ‘Marie’.

And with that one word, I knew exactly what was bothering me. Two years ago, around Christmas, we lost a dear family member, Corey Ankum.

Corey, Demeka, and son

His death was a tragic accident that none of us saw coming. And I’m sure his mother, Marie; his father, Johnny; his wife Demeka; his children, and sisters, are still grieving.

I just wanted to let Marie know that God had heard her prayers and bears witness to her tears.

As for the other two losses, I’ll share those in a later posting. I think Corey deserves a singular honor.


Click the links below to find out more about this young man gone from us much much too soon.


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