All My Life God’s Been Good To Me

Last Sunday I was back at Church and the choir started singing one of my favorite songs, ‘All my Life, God’s been Good To Me.” And since I truly believe that’s the case in my life I sang right along with the choir rather vigorously.

Later, The Stalkers quipped, “considering what we’ve put you through your entire life, what have you got to be grateful about?”

Here’s why I’m grateful:

My father married my mother and stuck by her until the day she died

He had the good sense to move us from rural, and by rural, I mean no running water, no telephone, no stores, and barely electricity, Latham, Alabama

I got a good education. That was back when teachers taught their students instead of babysat their students. And, yes there were a lot of us in the classroom. But, in fairness to today’s teachers, parents back then had more control over their children.

I knew, partially, what kind of job I wanted and I was able to educate myself in that direction.

I survived numerous jobs and firings.  I learned that Eliza Ankum is replaceable, so I worked harder — got smarter.  And now I have a job that I love in spite of The Stalkers.

I survived some of the most righteous people Satan ever put on God’s green earth.

I survived people’s good intentions – as in the road to hell – an it most certainly was just that.

I survived no less than three attempts on my life.

I survived two men who said the loved me, but didn’t.

I survived three men whom I loved but didn’t love me enough to put up with The Stalkers.

I am learning to love myself all by myself just the way I am.

I have learned to expect love, affection, and attention in whatever color it comes

And I’ve finally accepted that other people don’t have to love me, or like me and THAT’S OK WITH ME!

I have an apartment that I love, although the closets could be larger. And that I’ve always had a place to lay my head, even in the darkest of times. I never once had to sleep on the streets as other people in my situation have.

My bills are paid

My writing is getting noticed. Turns out that all those little stories in my head are worth something after all.

But most of all, I grateful that I followed my instincts about The Voices/Stalkers and didn’t listen to all those who wanted me to believe I was imagining them. If I had, God only knows where I would have ended up.

And as they say every Sunday in Church, “I’m still in my right mind.”


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Eliza Ankum

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