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Gray’s Anatomy April’s Wedding

Thursday, February 27th was my birthday and I took the day off. That morning while getting dressed for lunch, I caught the promo for Gray’s Anatomy. Having not watched the show for a while, due to work conflict, I was absolutely flabbergasted.

The last show I watched was the one where Jackson risked being blown up in and overturned bus saving a little girl’s life and April’s heart wrenching reaction when she thought he’d been killed. To me, if they were going to get back together, that was the time to do it. But Jackson’s character stayed true and completely dismissed April’s feelings and rejected any and all attempts by her for reconciliation of their relationship.

So as I watched the Promo, I hoped that Shonda Rhimes would not go for the ‘fairy tale’ but would write the scene the way a real grown up woman would have handled the situation.

If I had been April and Jackson had pulled that stunt at my wedding in front of my fiancé, family, friends, minister, co-workers, and Minister, I would have taken my bridal bouquet and beat his ass down. It would have taken two or three very large and very strong men to pull me off him.


No, he didn’t just call me a liar (for telling the man I’m about to marry that I was lying when I told him that I loved him enough to stand up in front of everyone and say I do.)

No, he didn’t just call me a slut (for saying that I’m that easy. that I’d humiliate a good and decent man, who’s willing to marry me, for anyone who says I love you but up until that moment hasn’t been willing to prove it.)

No, he didn’t just call me an idiot. (I’m stupid enough to forget all the crap he put me through the last few months. For instance, his being too ashamed of me to tell his mother – who by the way was sleeping with a married man – that he was dating me. That I had forgotten how he’d made fun of me for believing in God and my purity standards.)

When I was younger, I might have believed that Jackson’ s sudden declaration of love was a show of his love for me but having lived a few more years than April, I knowthat it wasn’t.  It was all about Jackson and what Jackson wanted.  Not about what was best for April.

Now, in the real world here’s what actually happens when you do something that stupid and inconsiderate.

In most states, apparently not in Seattle, April would have to go down to City Hall and cancel out all that paperwork she and Matthew did in order to get married. And then she’d have to wait another three days or so before she and Jackson could get married. And hopefully, he was proposing marriage with that statement and not, “Let’s just see where this thing takes us.”

Her own mother will take to her bed sick with heartache saying, “I can’t believe a daughter of mine would do such a thing.” Her parents will forever resent Jackson for making them the talk of the town.

Then if she did marry him, she’s going to have to get used to her mother-in-law referring to her as, ‘that slut my son married.’ And she should expect her mother-in-law to refer to her that way in front of everyone when she’s had one to many at the family gatherings.

Her co-workers and friends will be uneasy with her for a long time because they won’t trust her or her decision making.

Lord help her if Matthew, the jilted Paramedic, has any Policeman friends. She and especially, Jackson, should get used to being pulled over and/or having their car towed.

They should immediately look for a new Church.

But worst of all, someday, probably sooner than she knows, Jackson will wake up and realize that he’s married the woman he once called needy, clingy, and unsophisticated.

That being said, I totally intend to go for the ‘fairy tale’ when I come to the love story part of ‘onethreethirteen’ because it apparently it sells.

But I think it would have been more interesting if she’d have beat him down, patched him up, and had an affair with him like everybody else. It would have been so much easier.

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