The Blog-book onethreethirteen

To all my followers of the blog-book, ‘onethreethirteen’. Onethreethirteen is by no means an unfavorable look at President Barak Obama’s administration.  It is however, an indictiment of the Repulican Party and the way in which it has manipiulated the deep racial divides that still exist in this country.

America has a long history of telling other countries about their Human Rights violations while ignoring our own. We are good at talking the talk but not so good at walking the talk.

I am thouroghly convinced that Russian President Vladimir Putin has also taken note of the bickering between the Democratic and Republican parties and realized that it has never been worse. But more importantly, it has affored him an excellent opportunity.

Without a doubt our internal bickering will keep us from uniting, as a country, behind President Obama keeping him from putting up a strong opposition to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Cirmea.

Putin knows that the Republicans will never stand behind President Barack Obama the way they did George Bush.

We had better start asking ourselves the same hard question Kuwait had to answer when George Walker Bush invaded the Middle East seeking to seize their lucrative oil wells. Are we willing to let them burn?

In other words, are we willing to let Putin have Cirmea just so Barack Obama and the Democratic party will look weak going into the next Presidental election?

It might be too late to stop Putin by then.


A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth


Eliza Ankum
Author of
Flight 404
Ruby Sanders






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