My Potpourri For The Week



First thing, Last week’s episode of The Walking Dead. The episode kept me up all night because it ran so true. By now all of you know that I’m a victim of stalking. But what most of you don’t is how many times at the beginning of it that I sought help and was told that my teenage stalker was just pulling a teen prank and I quote, ‘she’ll grow out of it.’ No she didn’t. Rather, she grew into it. She got better at it. So much so, that she’s able to convince ‘community minded adults’, who should know better, that her constant screaming and stalking is somehow doing me, in particular, a favor. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Didn’t you wonder why the Tyreese character kept saying, “We’ve got water.  Plenty of water.”  Maybe it wasn’t the pigs that made everyone sick, but the mice (the dead ones dropped into the group’s water supply).

Two.  The Plane. The Plane.  I know I shouldn’t write this because it might be incitefull, as in riotous.  But the truth of the matter is, 

1.  We may never know what happened.

2.  Aliens already have enough people and if they needed more, all they have to do is ask and there’d be a stampede of volunteers.

3. If the plane didn’t sink and landed, The United States does not negotiate with terrorist, especially for money.

Three. The Happiness Project.  When do you let go of a dream?   With sincere regards to L’Wren Scott and her family, before it kills your spirit.  And then you do the unthinkable.

Four.  Scandal.  Bear in mind that I work second shift, so I haven’t seen last night’s episode of Scandal.  But I truly hope that he shot Cyrus’ husband.  Why.  Because the guy is a whinner.  A major league whinner.  He’s always demanding that Cyrus meet his every need and do the impossible, make him happy.  He knew, or should have known what he was getting into by marrying Cyrus.  And if he didn’t, he should have called it a draw, and ran up out of there as fast as his expensive designer loafers could carry him. 

But most of all, when you’re in that position, you should definately have a line that you won’t cross for lover or money.  And he didn’t. 

Five.  The View this Friday morning with a lively discussion on  ‘lights on or off.  And later the book, “It’s Just a Fxxxing Date.”

My hint.  Make sure the man loves you more, or at the very least let him think so.  You’ll stay married longer.


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Eliza Ankum
Author of
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