Donald Sterling – One Final Word

To me the Donald Sterling controversy only further emphasizes what I’ve known for a long time, ‘Money makes the world go round’, or ‘money talks’.

Everything was ‘seemingly’ fine in Donald Sterling’s world until he, a billionaire, insulted a few hundred millionaires. And then all hell broke loose.

And then the media circled above and around him like a bunch of buzzards and began picking his bones clean. But, where were they (the media and his players, coaches, and friends) when the real problem with Donald Sterling began manifesting itself.

Someone should have noticed a few months back that there was something mentally and physically wrong with Donald Sterling. When a man of Donald Sterling’s wealth and fame begins having a very, very indiscreet PUBLIC AFFAIR without written and/or verbal permission from his wife, especially without have a prenup, it’s a clear sign that he’s not working with a full deck. And his doctors and friends should have caught that.

And I for one, would like to know how Donald Sterling treated, and interacted with the Clippers’ Black players before those tapes were made public.

And as for Ms. Stiviano, I hope she has some job skills other than the obvious. And I hope Donald Sterling’s wife succeeds in taking back the cars, furs, and money. Ms. Stiviano clearly overstepped. What happened to the rules of being the ‘other woman.’


A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth

Eliza Ankum
Author of
Flight 404
Ruby Sanders
STALKED! By Voices








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