The Listener

TV Show ‘The Listener’

The Listener


First, let me say that I wished I had a hundred bucks for everytime the people stalking me had ripped off an idea of mine and made a profit.  But no such luck.  All I can do, is remind people where the idea originated.

But there’s a show out there now that no way I want to claim or even be associated with so every time I saw a commerical for the show I tried ignoring it.  But it’s grating on my every nerve every time I see the commerical.

It’s the show, ‘The Listener’ about a parmedic who has the ability to read minds.   I absolutely, know these people exist.  But that’t about all I agree with.

Let me state in absolutely rock solid terms, every mind reader that I’ve encounter has been a sociopath or psychopath.  They are NOT capable of empathy.  I don’t know whether they’re born that way or become that way.  But they do no have empathy for regular humans. So let’s not glorfy something that in olden days, before television, or a better term, was known as a witch or a warlock.

Excerpt below taken from, My Stalking Blog – I Apologize.

I felt I needed to apologize to all those ‘high profile’ cases that The Voices/Stalkers helped the Chicago FBI solve.  Too, bad they can’t solve my staking case.

Which reminds me, that while I’m apologizing, I’d also like to apologize to several Illinois politicians. I used to be very much interested in politics. And I’ve noticed that whenever I find something interesting and enjoyable, ‘The Voices/Stalkers’ always do their best to muck it up – take Church for instance. So my apologies to former Congressman Mel Reynolds, Dan Rostenkowski, the Silver Shovel convictees or as I like to call them Old Spades, George Ryan and Rod Glagojevich. But after all Chicago is a ‘Pay to Play’ town and The Voices/Stalkers were really playing

My Stalking Blog

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