Is This Flattery?


I’ve often heard it said, that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’. But sometimes flattery can go too far.

Below is just a sampling of the websites that have popped up claiming to have authored onethreethirteen or Jan 3, 2013 both of which are authored only by me, Eliza Ankum aka elizabooks.

Someone have even opened a Twitter account posing as me #OneThreeThirteen.   this is not me!

Neither is   and neither did Barry Blanchard author the Blog-book Jan 3, 2013

and these elizabooks are also, NOT ME.

And that’s just a small sampling.

Before selecting the name elizabooks, I Googled it, and back in 2011, there were only two.   Eliza Books the one for children and the young lady from the UK.

And as for onethreethirteen, absolutely no one was using it.  All that came up for onethreethirteen were Bible scriptures.

You can find the one and only elizabooks located at

Don’t get caught reading a substitute.

For God’s sake and mine, please imitate Patterson for a while.

Eliza Ankum

Author of
A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth.







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