MH 370 and MH 17

Route taken by MH17


I applaud President Obama for taking the high road and not answering Russian President’s Putin blatant act of violence with more violence.

Make no mistake about it, if we start hurling missiles, non-nuclear ones, hopefully, at Russian, China (MH370) and North Korea will come to Russia’s defense as in my blog-book, ‘onethreethirteen’.

Let’s not start World War 3 because some guy wants to bolster his ego. If we’re going to destroy each other and the world, let’s do it for something or someone better than Vladimir Putin.

Check out Nasser’s speech to the same combatants in Chapter 51

A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth

Eliza Ankum
Author of
Flight 404 (an ebook about a plane crash)
Ruby Sanders
STALKED! By Voices










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