24 – The Hunt For Red November

Jeb and Columba Bush with their family

In late November, I will be starting my sixth blog book entitled, ’24 – The hunt for Red November’ about the political warfare surrounding the selection of the next Republican candidate for President.

I was planning on using Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan as my muses for the blog book.  But as I was watching TV this morning two programs caught my attention, a Ferguson, Missouri town meeting and a discussion about Jeb Bush.

Now let me say this, I think we, Black and White Americans, had better wake up and smell the coffee.  If we, Black and White Americans don’t learn to stop fighting each other, we are going the way of the American Indians.  Replaced by another group of people in our own country!

When I was a young girl, there were two important languages to speak, English and French.  If you spoke French, it showed you had class.

Now, that’s no longer true.  The two important languages today are English and Spanish.

I chose Marco Rubio as my muse for ’24 – The Hunt For Red November because of his Hispanic background.   I’m sure that Hispanics are going to replace Blacks as the number two minority in this country within the next twenty years and Whites as the majority within the next thirty.

I think Jeb (Columba) Bush and Marco Rubio are going to be a tough team to beat.


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