You Taste Better Than We Thought


Lawrence Gilliard, Jr.


As a beginning writer I’m always struggling trying to find my moral compass in terms of what should and shouldn’t be put in black and white.

Case in point last year’s episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ entitled, ‘A’ in which Rick’s son, Carl, was raped by a grown man. The episode kept me up the entire night. Never in a million years would have written it that way. Because, actually seeing a grown man with his dick up a child’s ass was too far for me to go as a writer.

But, on the other hand, I had reasoned that it would be Michonne who’d be raped, as I’m sure other viewers had also thought. And that was expected and acceptable. And then I had to reprimand myself for thinking that the rape of a grown woman was somehow less brutal than the rape of a child. And that put me in another moral dilemma. So, I dodged the issue by NOT writing about it at all. And I completely missed it, that that is the point of good writing – to make the reader or viewer think. To keep them engaged in the story.

And last night’s show, Strangers – In A Strange Land just absolutely blew my mind.
I know right away, you’re thinking that the show was about how far would you go to survive. But for me it wasn’t. After I got over the nausea, last night’s Walking Dead show made me think, “How much should you let someone else influence your personal choices?”

Those people did not have to turn to cannibalism to survive. Look at Rick and his group, out scrounging for food. But because someone, who was probably a psychopath to begin with, whispered into their ear (planted a seed) ‘You are either the butcher or the cattle,’ they completely shed their humanity and turned themselves into something less than a ‘walker.’
THINK “Who are you letting influence your personal choices?”


A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth


Eliza D. Ankum
Author of
Ruby Sanders
One Three Thirteen
STALKED! By Voices
Flight 404




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