The War On Drugs

The War On Drugs or Another War on Blacks

Every Sunday, all over the United states of America, Black women sit in Churches praying and asking God where is the man you have for my life, or where is my husband?  They pray and they pray, and they pray.  And still they are unmarried and forced to live a life of solitude.

Lat week, I wrote in my post, Selma, The Movie, that Martin Luther King didn’t fall for Johnson’s proposed ‘War on Poverty,’ but that we fell for the ‘War On Drugs’.  It sounded soooo good, getting all those criminals off the street.  But what we failed to realize is that it also got most of the BLACK MEN OFF THE STREETS.  It works like this.

A young black man gets caught with one joint and he’s sent to jail for a year or two.  And when he gets out, he has trouble finding a job.  So, how does he support himself and/or his family?  He has only two choices — sell drugs or steal.

Then he’s caught a second time, for dealing or stealing, and now, its a Major Crime and not a Misdemeanor.  He does more time.  And his prospects of finding employment are even slimmer now.  But, he has the same two choices as before — deal or steal.

But when he’s caught a third time, under the new Three Strikes Law, he’s sent away for LIFE.

And Black women sit in Churches all over the United States of America wondering, “God, where is the man you have for my life.”    Answer, “He’s doing life.”


2 thoughts on “The War On Drugs

  1. This is very insightful, and I just wanted to thank you for the post. I’m not sure how to change this, but at least seeing the pattern is a first step. Have any states or counties around the country come up with viable alternatives to the first offense imprisonment? It’s worth investigating. If some places have shifted the long term outcomes by interrupting the cycle at the first offense, maybe other cities and states could adopt similar strategies. Justice, true justice, isn’t punishing a crime, but making a place for every person to fulfill their destiny.

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