Bruce Jenner – Every Straight Woman’s Fear

Caitlyn ‘Bruce’ Jenner

I knew, right off, after Bruce Jenner’s first facial surgery, that he was not just being vain, but was transitioning. But, I chose not to write about it, because, as a woman, this would have hurt me. If like his last wife, I was out there talking a big game about what I have and who I am and telling the rest of the world what they should have and what they should do and I’m married to him/her and I’m just about the last one to know.

Then at some point, I’d begin to question my own sexuality. Was I attracted to him because of his feminine side? Or, worst yet, was I so desperate for love and affection that I failed to see what was right in front of me?  And horror of horrors, he could end up looking prettier than me!!!!!

And men, I didn’t forget you either. I know why you’re taking such interest in Bruce.  Could it be because, yes, he had a perfectly good functioning one and yes he decided to have it cut off. Ouch! And some of you could actually end up dating a Caitlyn.

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