Dennis Hastert

When I first heard the news that Dennis Hastert was being investigated, I was as shocked as anyone.  My mouth actually dropped open.  And then when I heard about why, my open dropped open again.

However, I warned myself not to write the first thing I thought, but to go home, listen to the News and perhaps I’d find out something more.  But I didn’t.

You see the first thing I heard was that Mr. Hastert was being investigated because the FBI became suspicious of the large sums of money he was withdrawing from his accounts.

I know what you’re about to yell at the screen, that the money was for a payoff to cover up alleged past sins.  If you’ve read my book STALKED! By Voices, you know that I’m very much against people who commit sexual crimes on children.

But the FBI wasn’t investigation him for that, those crimes came out later.  Neither were they investigating him for having all that money or how he came to have it.  No, they were investigating him, because he was giving away large sums of money. And that triggered a red flag.  Was he crazy.  Was he tying?  Or was he trying to get away with moving his money and not giving the Treasury their fair share.   Which means, he could have gotten away with his crimes if only he’d been willing to pay his taxes!

And one last thing, Mr. Hastert no longer works for the US government, so why was the FBI looking at his bank accounts anyway?

A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth

Eliza D. Ankum
Author of
Flight 404
Ruby Sanders
STALKED! By Voices
OneThreeThirteen – Master of the Day of Judgment
Dancing With The Fat Woman


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