Asking ‘WHY’ Of A Psychopath


Why?  Why did he do it?  The men and women of the media drone on and on daily with that question.  Why did he or she do it?  WHY?  WHY?  WHY?

Let me tell you from past experience that asking why of a psychopath is fraught with danger and something that I definitely advise you, the layperson, against.

Unless you are a licensed practicing forensic psychiatrist you’ll never understand the answer to why and it might send you spiraling down a hole you may never get yourself out of.

Asking why of a psychopath will put you in more harm than it will give you answers.  Why?  Because a psychopath’s whole goal is to destroy you.  You are different than he or she is in every way.  You are sane.  He is crazy.  You are rational.  He is delusional.  You are polar opposites.  Anything he tells you is aimed at…

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