Fear The Walking Dead

Given that I’m such an avid fan of The Walking Dead television show, I decided to check out AMC’s latest show, Fear the Walking Dead.

I must admit it started a little slow and was a bit predictable. But the action picked up somewhat in last Sunday’s show.

However, I’m a little miffed at the wife in the show. Don’t get me wrong, I know she’s no Carol yet, but she could easily win the Dumb Dora award, i.e. not listening to one of her student’s warnings, walking up to an obviously compromised principle, not making the kids pack while she was out looking for drugs for her son, and look at where she parked the car – at the end of the driveway. “Run for it kids. I have you covered with this crowbar.” “Yeah mom, right.”

So, Ok the show is just getting started but I’m not putting a lot of money on her making it to the end.
Now, on a serious note. The show did get me thinking about what might happen in a real-life crisis.

Case in point HIV/Aides. Our government really should have put some type of quarantine in place. But they didn’t and now HIV/Aides is in the general population. And you literally, take your life in your hands having sex.

Same with Ebola. The citizens of the United States weren’t informed about the Ebola Epidemic in Africa until well after it had killed tens of thousands and was in the general population there.

And Mind Readers. You think they’re just a myth don’t you?

And that brings me to this question, “Would you stay in your home and try and wait it out or would you pack your car and hit the road along with millions of others with no clear cut safe haven (government run, i.e, armed soldiers) waiting for you?

My next post, The Walking Dead and RICK!

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