October is Anti-Bullying Month


elizabooks is proud to have contributed to the anti-bullying campaign with the Best Selling ebook, STALKED! By Voices, which is not only a story of stalking but also one about bullying.

I know this will be hard for most people to believe but my being bulled, by The Stalkers, started in the second grade and grew progressively worse in High School. All my teachers knew that I was being bullied but went along with the psychology of the day which was,
a. they (the bullies) will grow out of it and will stop
b. If you’re not strong enough to fight for yourself, well then you deserve it,
c. A little public humiliation builds character and makes sure you’ll never repeat whatever action it was that has people bullying you.
Let me tell you that my teachers and the psychology of the day were absolutely and unequivocally WRONG. Children who are bullies grow up to be adults who are bullies.
Without a doubt, I can also tell you that publicly humiliating a person is a sure fire way of making a life-long enemy and it closes the door on genuine trust. Because that bullied person will always remember you as a bully and how small you made them feel.
When I started writing Stalked! By Voices back in 2001 I told no one. I wrote the book as part of therapy to help erase some of the horrible memories I still carried around as an adult.
When I did tell people about the book, I remember those people who were closest to me, said that I shouldn’t air my dirty laundry and to let the past be the past. Or, that it was better for my career if I didn’t let people know about my past.
The truth be told, I didn’t feel it was my dirty laundry that I was airing, but someone else’s. After all, I wasn’t the one going around bullying people and traumatizing and entire school and county.
I remember in exquisite detail being bullied about,
a. my family being poor.
b. my being taller than the other kids
c. my clothes
d. my weight
e. my skin color
f. my being smart
g. my singing
h. my lack of ‘fighting spirit’. The stalkers they wanted me to get into a fight with them, but that would have been a very bad mistake. They outnumbered me three to one and I would have had my ass kicked, for sure. But have you ever noticed how bullies run in packs? It takes less courage that way.
Things did not get better as I grew older. My bullies were so into bullying me, that they followed my across the country, from Alabama to Illinois.
When some people find out that you were bullied as a child and/or stalked as an adult, they will see you as weak and want to get in on the fray. Let me warn you now, adult bullies take it to a whole other level.
By grown up adults who should know better,
a. I was called ‘big retard’.
b. told that my stalking was all in my head. And then laughed at because I
too stupid to know that what I was being told was a lie.
c. that I was “not in my right mind”
I had one employee of a company that I use to work for say to me
“You’re running around here, working as the temporary supervisor, when you’re so dump, you don’t even know you’re Black.”
I was so dump-founded at the time I couldn’t respond. I kept thinking, “Where on earth did you get such a stupid idea. Hell, I grew up in Latham, Alabama in the heart of the deep South and those good old White Boys down there didn’t have a problem telling me or any other Black person that were black.
I had another employee say. “Well, the job [as temp supervisor] is so simple, a trained money could do it.”
All of this mis-information, I’d find out later, was coming from The Stalkers. Again, children who are bullies grow up to be adults who bully.
Finally, when it became known that I was going to publish, ‘STALKED! By Voices’, I had influential well-meaning people stand up in meetings and in he church I attend and say,
“A Book? You can’t write a book! You don’t know how.”
“I’d never read such a filthy book.”

Below are the stats for that filthy book that I didn’t know to write .
#38 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Health, Fitness & Dieting > Counseling & Psychology > Pathologies > Schizophrenia

#221 in Books > Health, Fitness & Dieting > Mental Health > Schizophrenia

#1891 in Books > Health, Fitness & Dieting > Psychology & Counseling > Pathologies

And then, after my books began to sell, I was asked
a. Is it someone else writing under your name, as in ‘ghost writer’
b. It is someone with a similar name and you’re just saying it’s you?
c. Is it you man-friend who’s doing the writing for you?
And I’ve even heard it whispered,
“She’s so dumb, she doesn’t even know she’s being stalked. It’s probably one of the stalkers writing the book and blaming it on her.”
To all my bullies let me say this, you may not have liked me or my book, but that dirty filthy book has started a conversation that has led people to start talking openly about being bullied, start anti-bullying campaigns and others have taken up the conversation where I stopped and have made it their own which has gotten October designated as Anti Bulling Month.
Take that bullies.



Eliza D. Ankum
Author of
Flight 404
Ruby Sanders
Jared Anderson
STALKED! By Voices
Dancing With The at Woman


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