The Walking Dead’s Glenn

OMG! Glenn is Dead! Eaten by walkers. I was so shaken, I had to turn off the TV and calm down.

As most of you know, I work the 3 pm to 11pm shift and must work every other weekend.  This past Sunday was my weekend to work so I didn’t get to watch Sunday night broadcast of The Walking Dead.  I had to wait until Monday and watch it on OnDemand.

But I should have known something really bad had happened because the city was quiet.  It was quiet the same way it had been the night the Cubs lost to the Mets.  That usual din that lies just underneath the traffic noise was gone.  And now I know why.

Glenn was killed.  Glenn, who rescued Rick from a tank;  Glenn, who was there from the beginning of the show;  Glenn, who gave Maggie a reason to keep on going;  Glenn who fought off a walker while tied to a chair; Glenn, who refused to leave  Tara behind when she was trapped and cornered by walkers: Glenn who fought off a pack of seven walkers just so he could go home to Maggie.  That Glenn was killed.

But his death emphasized two valuable life lessons.

  1. Follow your instincts.  Glenn really didn’t want Nicholas from Alexandria, who had gotten Noah killed, to go along on the mission to set a fire and distract the walkers.  But because he felt sorry that the guy was such a loser he dismissed his concerns and let him go along.  Bad idea.  Follow that first voice that speaks to you even if it sometimes sounds cruel.  And if you can’t do that, at least be mindful of why you thought what you did in the first place.
  2. Don’t bring down the chump sitting next to you because you’ve given up. When I worked for Apex Automotive Warehouse in Northlake, Illinois, it was taken over by Whitlock Automotive who only bought the place as a tax write off.  Whitlock planned on closing the place and declaring bankruptcy.  A few employees found out and cleverly, planned on getting themselves fired (for the unemployment) before bankruptcy was declared.  One of them started having a squabble with the guy sitting next to him.  Finally, I had to tell him to be careful because if he continued doing what he was doing, he was not only going to get himself fired, but the guy sitting next to him fired, too.  And that’s what happened to Glenn.  The guy next to him gave up and brought him down, too.

Hopefully, AMC will pull a ‘Dallas’ and Glenn’s death will have been nothing more than a horrible nightmare.

PS  A while back, I posted that I thought that at the end of The Walking Dead, there’d only be four survivors.  I should have said five because I picked:

Michonne, Rick’s two kids, Glenn, and Maggie.  Well, sometimes, even I’m wrong.

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