Why Paris

24 - The Hunt For Red November

Hong Kong France Paris Attacks


As some of you know my novel, OneThreeThirteen – Master of the Day Of Judgment, is partially set in Paris, France as is my new novel, 24 – The Hunt For Red November.

My gut reaction when I first heard of the Paris attacks was to stop blogging new chapters of ‘24 The Hunt For Red November’ because it was never my intention to inspire any form of violence with my books.

However, I’d like to explain why I chose Paris for these books.  Unlike a lot of you, I understand that the people behind these attacks are NOT the poor and downtrodden inhabitants of Syria or Afghanistan.   Far from it.  The people behind ISIL, The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, and even the Taliban have money and lots of it.  And where else can you flash that much cash, outside of Saudi Arabia and Dubai, and…

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