SCANDAL – “Big Dog”














Last night Olivia Pope had an abortion.

I know that’s what the internet is all abuzz about. But for me, that’s not the issue. The issue is why she had one.
We all wanted her to say yes to being the President’s mistress and to finally admit to the love that they shared.

There was only one problem with that.

They weren’t in love with each other. They were in love with the high they got sneaking around on Mellie and the Country. Or rather I should say they were in lust with the high they got sneaking around. As the songist says, “Sneaking is the best part.”

Remember when he yelled, “You don’t love me when I’m available.”

Her answer, “I don’t know you as available.”

They were both right. He never had to be anything but charming and erect and she never had to be anything but willing.

I saw last night’s show as being all about what we think we want versus who we really are. For instance, you might want a fifty thousand dollar designer wardrobe, but you have a job as a Policewoman or you work at Walmart. Both jobs require you to wear a uniform.  You get the wardrobe and it hangs in your closet gathering dust. It wasn’t the right thing for you.

Just as being the President’s wife, and mother of his child, wasn’t the right thing for Olivia.
Olivia loves power. Not so much Fritz. As was evident when she talked over her problems with Jake and not Fritz.

Being First Lady, although, dazzling and something to aspire to for some of us, was for Olivia Pope, a powerless position, i.e. “talking to housewives.”
So she aborted Fritz’s child, packed her bags, and moved out of the White House, so she could be ‘A Big Dog’ again.

Being somebody, A Big Dog, was more important than being a wife and mother. But at least, she had the guts to admit it.
Most women don’t and end up torturing some kid, for ruining their lives, until the kid is old enough to move out and even then the torture continues, in more subtle ways, that ends with a grown child who has a permanently scared soul.


P.S. Did you catch the part where she yelled at Fritz, “You’re a woosy president.” Or something like that. I was more shocked at that statement than I was about the abortion.
If I’d been Fritz, I would have helped her pack her bags.



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