Garry Francis McCarthy


Today, Rahm Emmanuel fired Garry Francis McCarthy.  And my first reaction to that was and is, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

And what I mean by that goes to what the Mayor, himself, said during his Press Conference announcing former Superintendent McCarthy’s firing.  He said, that Laquan McDonald’s family called him, the lawyers for the city, Anita Alvarez, and former Superintendent McCarthy to advise them that they (Laquan’s family) would accept the $5 million dollar offer from the city, contingent upon the video of their child’s murder not being shown.  And then, the City Council voted to approve it.

So, unless the Mayor is planning on firing himself, the lawyers for the city, Anita Alvarez, and the entire city council, I don’t see how firing McCarthy is going to help do anything about Chicago’s problems.

The only thing I can see that Garry McCarthy did wrong (unless he actively fought to keep Officer Van Dyke on the force) was not firing Van Dyke the next day or at the very least, putting him on non-paid leave.

Now, as far as Chicago’s (Beirut By The Lake) on-going gun violence is concerned, that goes way back, farther back than Garry McCarthy.

We all remember:

Jody P. Weis                         The killing of David Koschman


Philip J. Cline                   video of a drunken off-duty policeman beating a
female bartender because she refused to serve him
more drinks


Terry G. Hillard               He was the only one the gangs respected.  Maybe,
we should ask him and them, why.


Matt L. Rodriguez                For breaking Rule 47 and various other crimes committed by on-duty police officers.

And as for what’s causing Chicago’s gun violence, here’s some of what I see.

  1. Fatherless children
  2. Under performing schools (No Child Left Behind, bullshit)
  3. Lack of opportunity, i.e. JOBS
  4. Aldermen and other city officials who hold more than one job at a time and not doing much of anything but collecting a paycheck.
  5. Redlining and segregation
  6. Redistricting to serve the Alderman’s political goals
  7. Tough gun laws that are not aimed at curbing the violence but are used to put more Blacks in jail as a means of generating revenue (money) for a lot and I do mean a lot of Chicago’s political elite. Vending machines.  Laundry service.  Cafeteria service.  Maintenance service.  Before you vote for tougher gun laws, to curb the violence, but do little or nothing but lock up more young Black men, you really should check out what companies provide services to Illinois prisons and just who owns them.
  8. And who is supplying all the damn guns to these young men
  9. TIF funds being used for the beautification (tourism) of Downtown rather than to assist communities such as Woodlawn, Englewood, and Back of the Woods.
  10. Maywood’s screaming women.  A lot of Maywood’s governing officials, ministers, and police, see Maywood as an isolated little town.  And what’s it to Chicago if we allow anything and everything to go on in Maywood.  Well, the problem with that is that a lot of people in Maywood (Murderwood) have relatives who live in Chicago’s Westside and Southside neighborhoods.  And when they visit back and forth, they take from their visit to Maywood the idea that it is OK to solve your problems in the streets with violence.  Unfortunately, Maywood allowed these people to vent their anger in the streets for some twenty-five years.  Now, those kids who grew up hearing this have learned that it is acceptable and to have little if any respect for the law.  Good luck with changing that.


A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth

Eliza D. Ankum
Author of
Flight 404
Ruby Sanders
Jared Anderson
Dancing With The Fat Woman










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