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Anita Alvarez Cook County State’s attorney

It has been almost a year since I wrote the post below and believe me ALMOST NOTHING has changed about my stalking situation, except The Stalkers are screaming a lot less.  Finally, the officials out in Maywood are beginning to realize that The Stalker’s day and night screaming in the streets was doing for more harm than good.

Now, about that screaming.  Most people think it’s about me, but really and truly, it’s NOT.  I know for a fact, that it is their way of asserting their POWER.  Not over me, but over those in authority.  I can’t tell you how many times, they’ve screamed that, “they can do anything they want because they know all the secrets.  All the Police’s secrets.  All the Politicians secrets.  Everyone’s secret.”   Trading in secrets is what they do and my life was traded so that everyone else’s secrets might remain secret.

My guess is, that Ms. Alvarez might NOT be the only politician with something to hide.  But while we’re waiting on those secrets to be revealed Ms. Alvarez, might I suggest you do yourself, me, Maywood, and Chicago a favor by making sure The Stalkers are on anti-psychotic medication and ankle monitoring.  If they’re wearing the ankle monitors you’ll know when they’re parked outside your home, listening to your secrets.

The following was posted February 10, 2015

Miss Alvarez, about a year or so ago, you visited my work location and walked past me and casually asked me if I was OK. I remember answering yes.

At the time, I assumed you didn’t think I knew who you were, but I did. However, anger prevented me from elaborating on why I answered yes. Below is the reason why I said yes.

My twenty-three year old self needed rescuing when there was the possibility of having a life

My thirty-three year old self needed rescuing when there was the possibility of having a life

My forty-three year old self needed rescuing when there was the possibility of having a life

But, as The Stalkers will atest

My fifty-three year old self woke up and realized I had been abandoned by the State of Illinois while it chased after what it saw as something more valuable.

So, My sixty-three year old self has made a life in the midst of the storm as I’ve come to realize that I am nothing more than a replaceable clog.

Maybe, if I could read minds, perhaps I might have been rescued sooner as I would have had some value to the State.

But let me say this, sometimes you don’t have to read minds to get the message.

Black lives do matter.


State Of Illinois

Jim Ryan
Attorney General

December 26, 2001

Ms. Eliza Ankum
Maywood, IL 60153

Dear Ms. Ankum

The Attorney General’s Office has received your letter dated August t, 2001. Your letter along with any supporting materials have been reviewed by an attorney.
After a careful review of your allegations, it is our decision that the proper prosecuting agency to investigate and prosecute your case is the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office. You may reach tem at 2650 S. California Ave. Chicago, IL 60608. Their telephone number is 312-603-5440.
No further communications from our office regarding this matter will be forthcoming.


Doug J. Simpson
Chief, Criminal Enforcement Division

All I can say is that those must be some damn secrets.

Eliza D. Ankum
Author of
Flight 404
Ruby Sanders
Jared Anderson
STALKED! By Voices
OneThreeThirteen – Master Of The Day Of Judgment
Dancing With The Fat Woman




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