Syrian Immigration


Sunday morning, I made sure I was up and with coffee in hand, to watch George Stephanopoulos’ ‘This Week’. And I was listening when US Secretary of State, John Kerry, said something about the fact that we can not discriminate against Muslims because of their ‘weird religion.’

My problem with Muslim immigration is not their ‘weird religion,’ but, why us? I, personally, think that there’s an underlying motive to their actions. (This is the one thing that I’m in complete agreement with Donald Trump.)

I can clearly remember back when Yasser Arafat was battling with Israel over perceived Israeli held Palestinian land.


I remember him saying that the Palestinians were Arabs and that the land Israel had seized belonged to the Arab people.

My question is, “Aren’t Syrians Arabs?”

My problem with Muslim immigration is that some of the wealthiest – not rich mind you — but wealthiest countries in the world are Arab Nations. So, why aren’t these wealthy Arab Nations extending the hand of brotherhood to their Syrian Arab/Muslim brothers?

Based on estimates of projected data from the World Bank (2011–2014) And the Central Intelligence Agency

The Top 11 Wealthiest Countries are:  (Countries in bold are Arab & Muslim)

Rank                                     Country
1                                             Qatar
2                                            Luxembourg
3                                            Singapore
4                                            Brunei
5                                            Kuwait
6                                           Norway
7                                           United Arab Emirates
8                                           San Marino
9                                           Switzerland
— Hong Kong
10                                         United States  (bet you thought we were #1)
11                                          Saudi Arabia

And by the way

18                                         Germany
26                                        France
27                                        United Kingdom
32                                        Italy
44                                        Greece
61                                         Turkey

So, I ask again, why are the Syrians bypassing all these wealthy Arab and Muslim countries to get here to the United States?

Could it possibly be connected to the picture below and that Syria owes Russia a fortune (for weapons) that it can not repay? Or is Vladmir Putin, who invaded Georgia and the Ukraine over US opposition, pushing towards another invasion?


A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth

By Eliza D. Ankum
Author of
Flight 404
Ruby Sanders
Jared Anderson
OneThreeThirteen – Master Of The Day Of Judgment
Dancing With The Fat Woman






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