Corey Ankum 12-22-2010

Last week the death of Firefighter Daniel Capuano brought back memories of our family’s tragic loss five years ago, when we loss Corey Ankum and Edward Stringer.

Five years ago, today, this was the headline.


Two firefighters were killed when a building partially collapsed, trapping them beneath rubble at a South Side fire Wednesday morning.The firefighters who died have been identified as Firefighters Edward Stringer, 47, and Corey Ankum, 38. The two were helping sweep a vacant building after a 3-11 fire when the roof and a wall collapsed.

Stringer, Ankum and two other firefighters became trapped under the debris.

A “mayday” was called and hundreds of firefighters were sent to the scene in the rescue. More than a dozen others were injured, but they all are expected to be OK.

Despite a frantic rescue effort, Stringer and Ankum died of their injuries.

Concerned that homeless people may have been taking refuge from the cold, firefighters Corey Ankum, left, and Edward Stringer were helping to search a burning building when a roof came crashing down on them on December 22, 2010. Both men died. Nineteen others were hurt.  Excerpt from the Chicago Tribune

To view the funeral procession click the link below.


To read more about Corey Ankum, click here.



To read more on Edward Stringer, click here










It was a very different and difficult Christmas.

Charmain, this was for your mother. I hope you understand.  Sis



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