Hillary, Donald, or Bernie



A few days ago, Whoopi Goldberg was quoting a prediction from Western Illinois University that has successfully picked the winning candidate of the Presidential elections since 1975.

Western Illinois University has predicted that Bernie Sanders will win the 2016 Presidential election.

I found myself applauding that result. And yes, I am a woman – a Black woman to be specific.

And then, I realized that I was basing my applause for Bernie Sanders on gut reaction and very few facts. In fact, I have not heard one single speech by Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. I have, however, heard an extraordinary amount of rhetoric from Donald Trump, but not from Hillary or Bernie.

And I’ll tell you why I applauded the choice of Bernie Sanders.
While Donald Trump says what most Americans are truly thinking, he can get away with that as a private citizen, but as a public official, I fear that sort of talk with get us bombed into oblivion.

But, I’ll give Mr. Trump this – he has his finger on the pulse of the nation. Meaning that he has done his homework, or at least someone in his organization has and knows exactly what matters most to Americans, both middle class and poor. And that does not seem to be the case with the other candidates. They seem more preoccupied with what they think is good for America versus what Americans think is good for them. They seem to think they can ‘sweet talk’ us around to their point of view.

Case in point – Immigration. We, Americans, think ENOUGH ALREADY. Think lifeboat. A lifeboat can hold only so many people before it SINKS. In order words, we, Americans, think there are too many people trying to get into America, both legally and illegally.
We don’t see the point in allowing more people into this country when this country can’t support the people who are already here. ENOUGH! This is just plain foolishness. Let’s have the balls to put a moratorium on immigration until America has enough jobs (and I didn’t say Welfare) to support the people who are already here, both middle class and poor.

Hillary, I think is putting the cart before the horse in terms of raising American pay when we first have to get a job.

I heard this morning on ‘This Week’ with George Stephanopoulos that both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are supporting bills that would guarantee equal pay and higher pay for American workers.   But my question is, “How are they planning on raising incomes where no income exists?

But what really has me worried is this, while Bill Clinton was President, yes we have a thriving economy and we even had a surplus of money and very little debt. But under Bill Clinton’s Presidency, we lost a whole lot of jobs.

Case in point – 5 Million factory jobs lost, in the United States, since the year 2000. (Remember all the angst about what would happen when we went from 1999 to 2000.) Turns out there was something to fear in the new millennium – job lost.

The following excerpt was taken from an article published by Peter Gosselin and Mike Dorning for Bloomberg.com.

A generation of economists trained to believe that trade had little to do with the long decline in high-paying U.S. factory jobs is changing its mind.
Their findings are likely to fuel the opposition within President Barack Obama’s own Democratic Party to his proposed 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership and similar pacts lowering barriers to international commerce.
Because manufacturing employment as a share of the workforce has been dropping for more than 40 years and the same trend has affected other developed nations, including Japan, with far less liberal trade policies than the U.S., many economists had concluded that automation was the primary culprit.
But studies examining the impact of China’s entry to the World Trade Organization in late 2001 have made the case that between 1 million and more than 2 million of the 5 million American factory jobs lost since 2000 are traceable to low-cost imports.
“The ‘aha’ moment,” said Massachusetts Institute of Technology economist David Autor, “was when we traced through the industries in which China had surging exports to the local addresses of their U.S. competitors and saw the powerful correspondence between where China had surged and where U.S. manufacturing employment had collapsed.”
Democrats last week blocked fast-track trade-negotiating authority for Obama, though House Republicans Thursday passed alternative legislation to try to revive it.

And I might add that when fast food workers hourly salaries were raised, their hours of work were cut, essentially leaving them no better off than they were.

What we really need, is rent and food price stabilization. And also, a rollback of over inflated mortgages that were irresponsibly dolled out during the housing inflation of the late 1990s. And truth in lending that would put an end to all this ‘flipping houses’ bullshit. So that people will not buying houses they can’t afford thinking they’ll fix them up and sell them for a profit. Buy a house to live in the house. The American Dream isn’t dead, it’s just off-track.

And let us not forget that after Mr. Clinton gave away all the jobs, under the free trade agreement, a Republican George W. Bush came along and gave away the bank, literally.
Remember all those $300.00 and $600.00 none-tax refunds everyone got in 2002 and 2003.  Not to mention all that ‘guilt’ money that was lavished on the Twin Tower’s widows and widowers. And then there is the  enormous cost of our involvement in the Middle East, i.e, The Gulf War, per the oil hungry Republican President George W. Bush.  I think after 25 years of dealing with the Middle East, we’re the ones who are in Shock and Awe.

Bernie Sanders may be old, (requiring that he turn over his health records is just another form of Ageism) but he’s less likely to get us bombed by other countries and far less likely to give away the farm.

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