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When I was first learned that I needed total knee replacement surgery, on both my knees, all I could see was the unfortunate coincidental timing (being off work for four months when I was four months from paying off my car).  And if you know anything about me, you know I don’t believe in coincidences.  So, I left my doctor’s office wondering whether my diagnosis had been ‘pushed’ by The Stalkers.

After calming myself down, doing some research on my doctor, and getting past some horrific incidents that happened to other family members (see the end of this post), I agreed to the surgery.  Plus, I couldn’t get over the fact that my knees really really hurt.

It’s only now, sitting cozily in my bedroom on this snowy winter’s night, that I can see the bright side of being laid up.

Number one, obviously, I don’t have to trudge off to work in the snowy frigid cold.  Neither did I have that all consuming fear of slamming into another car.

Secondly, I get to watch my favorite TV shows the night they air instead of waiting for the weekend and watching them on OnDemand.

That being said, here is some of what I watched.  Besides, the President’s speech (see Obama Returns To Springfield) I watched The X Files, Fresh Off The Boat, and, of course, Diane Sawyer’s interview with Dylan Klebold’s mother.  But it was Shondra Rhymes who ruled the week.

Let’s start with Grey’s Anatomy.  The episode where Meredith is beaten was shocking, but oh so true.  More often with nurses, than with doctors. But doctors have taken their clicks, too.  And it happens more often than people know.  The nurses where I work are all given panic buttons to press to summon help immediately. It’s called a code Gray.

As shocking as that part of the episode was, it was the part where the man who had beaten her returned to the hospital to apologize to her that made me angry.  In my opinion, he knowing stacked the deck against Meredith by bringing his wife and kids with him.

I remember thinking as Bailey wheeled her into the cafeteria, SCREAM MEREDITH. Scream like you’re still in that room being beaten.  Scream the way you couldn’t scream that night.  Just scream. Even though people are going to drop plates, turn and stare, and you’re going to scare the hell out of everybody in the place, scream anyway. But of course, she didn’t because that would have been considered ‘bad form’ on her part.     And instead, she stuffed all that fear and anger got stuffed down once again.

SCANDAL.  OMG, that opening.  Rough sex.  I had to turn away from the screen.  I didn’t feel old enough to be  watching that.

By the end of the show, however, I was the one screaming.  Olivia Pope, the person who wanted to run with the Big Dogs got played.

I asked myself was it because she fell victim to that all too common female ailment suffered by most women.  The dreaded, “my relative is finally behaving like I think they should. Not like their usual self, but the way I think they should.”  Sunday dinner with daddy?  Sex with Jake?

I’m guessing daddy and Jake figured that if she was vacuous enough to walk away from all that power of being First Lady, she’d never see their con.  And she didn’t.  She saw what she wanted to see.  Now, B613 is back and legitimate.


I got it right, see my post, “How To Get Away With Murder.”

Maybe, just, maybe we’re going to find out why Annalise is the way the she is (devious, driven, manipulative, hard drinking, and in denial about her sexuality.)

I, like many of you, had always thought Wes was her son. So, if he isn’t, where’s her baby? And what did she do to Wes’ mother?

THE REPUBLICAN DEBATE.  OMG Rough sex again.   Still not old enough to watch that.

However, I heartedly agree with Donald Trump.  George W. Bush should have been impeached.  It was my only disappointment with President Obama, is that he did not go after Bush.  Bush knew damn well that those people did not have any weapons of ‘mass destruction.’

THE WALKING DEAD   Ma!  Ma!  I knew that kid was dead because he heard the silence.  You only experience the silence (the absence of all the worldly sounds around you) when you’re in serious trouble of dying.

I experienced it once, during one of my car crashes.  Everything slowed down and all the sound stopped.  And then, swoosh, like a slap up side your head the sound comes back.

I like the way his death was handled, almost as if he was imagining it.  But it was who was going to die with him that I was curious about.  I didn’t think Rick would let Jesse get killed with him.

Now, I rewatched it because of two things.  Jesse’s older son tried to kill Rick.  I initially thought, well he’s been trying to kill Carl for the last two episodes.  But I don’t think that was it.  I think he tried to kill Rick because Rick didn’t try to save either Sam or Jesse.  He only raised his ax and used it when Carl was in danger.

And did you see Michone kiss Carl on the head before rushing out the door after Rick?

Now about those relatives:

About the time that The Stalkers began their all out pursuit of me, my father suffered a horrific accident at work.  He worked in a steel mill.  I don’t know what happened that day, but all of the fingers on his right hand were cut off.

The surgeons at the hospital reattached his fingers but he was in the hospital for weeks and underwent a lot of painful physical therapy.  While in the hospital, he was diagnosed with lung cancer.

I remember one night after he’d passed and The Stalkers were doing their usual thing of yelling hurtful things, one of them yelled, “Sis.  We caused your father to lose his fingers.  It was the only way to get him to see the doctor so he found out about the cancer.”

Years later, my brother Thomas Ankum, Jr. suffered a similar fate.  But instead of his fingers, he was at work when half of his foot was cut off.  While in the hospital, he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure.

My sister Katherine broke her foot before dying of a pulmonary embolism.

I was scared that my knee injury was ruse to get another ‘diagnosis’ on my medical record so The Stalkers could claim I died of natural causes.

One of them, the mean one, keeps yelling at me that she is going to kill me with a Stroke.  So, I can be like some of the patients on the unit I worked before my leave for surgery.

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