$75 Million Dollar Stalker


As a victim of stalking, I’m paying particular attention to the Erin Andrews trial.  It is my sincere prayer that Ms. Andrews wins her case because it will, hopefully, force companies and the Police to take seriously the anti-harassment and anti-stalking laws.

Not a single company that I’ve worked for in the past thirty years have taken these laws seriously.  I’m sure the hotel knew exactly what Mr. Michael David Barrett ( from Westmont, Illinois which about twenty minutes from where I live and I’m sure I know exactly where he got the idea that it was OK to stalk and videotape Ms. Andrews) was up to but figured it was natural for a man to lust after such a beautiful woman as Ms. Andrews.

The following excerpt is taken from Wikipedia

Andrews has sued Barrett, Marriott International, Radisson Hotels, and five other entities for negligence and invasion of privacy in connection with the secret videotaping.[24] In her lawsuit against Marriott, Andrews alleged that hotel employees gave Barrett the dates she would be at a hotel and a room next to hers.[29] In 2011, Andrews worked with U.S. Senator Amy Klobucharto enact a new federal anti-stalking law.[30] Andrews was still trying to get the video removed from the Internet in July 2011.[31]

But now comes a new revelation, one that I’m all too familiar with.  Ms. Andrews is claiming that ESPN forced her to give an interview about her stalker before they’d allow her back to work.

The following excerpt is taken from an article by Kevin Draper


Fox broadcaster Erin Andrews took the stand today in the trial over her civil suit against the Nashville hotel where she was videotaped undressing through her hotel room peephole. In one of the most frightening bits of testimony in a case full of them, Andrews explained how ESPN—her employer at the time—forced her to discuss the issue on national television, against her will, before she was allowed to return to her broadcasting duties.

Like Ms. Andrews, I feel that I’m being forced to give a statement that I did something to provoke my stalkers before the Maywood Police or the Illinois State’s Attorney, Ms. Alverez, will do anything about the stalkers. I’m being force, by their inaction, to say that this was all my fault.

Unfortunately, for the Maywood Police and Ms. Alverez, I’m no longer a young woman with a full life (career, marriage, and family) ahead of me. All of those choices have been taken away because of the stalking.

But here’s the thing, that I know and that I tried to tell the Police, there is always blow back.  And blow back in Maywood has taken the form of young men who could have been working at legitimate jobs are killing each other over a corner to sell drugs.  All because legitimate companies won’t bring their businesses to Maywood.

In Erin Andrews’ case, blow back is a $75 million dollar lawsuit against the Nashville Marriott Hotel.  And I wouldn’t be surprised to hear, in the future, that ESPN will face a considerable fine, also.



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