Fox Wins Over Alvarez


Last night, I watched the election results on Chanel 7 ABC News Chicago. By nine o’clock Chanel 7 was projecting that Kim Fox had won over Anita Alvarez.  And Laura Washington,Chicago SunTimes Columnist, said that she had expected Anita Alvarez to do better than she did out in the suburbs.

Besides, Laquan Mcdonald shooting, we — especially me — out in the suburbs have been saying for well over a year now that we are tired of listening to The stalkers screaming and doing whatever they want in our streets.  Enough of their cramp!

We are tired of it.  We are no longer interested in listening to it.  We no longer want these people influencing the children of the suburbs with their negative, immoral, and anti-social behavior.

Maybe, Ms. Alvarez couldn’t file charges and have them arrested, but she certainty could have insisted that they get some type of psychological treatment that would have put a stop to all that screaming and destructive behavior.  And that is one of the reasons why Ms. Alvarez did not carry the suburbs.

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