Devil’s Advocate – The Bathroom Bill

If permitted, I would like, just this once, to speak for the other side.  You know the side, the ones who are always being told ‘not to say, feel, or thing anything that is not politically correct’, to ‘put up and shut, or ‘be an adult’, or ‘stop letting your petty fears get in the say of progress’.  That side.

I started hearing about the Bathroom Bill a few days ago and was intrigued.  Mostly, because if you’ve read my other blog, mystalkingblog, you know that I’m a victim of stalking and that the people stalking me viciously harangue me every time I go to use the bathroom.  And I’m neither Gay or Transsexual.

What I’d like to do with the post is give Transsexuals some insight into the everyday common heterosexual mind.

First off, let me say that from my point of view, the Transsexual Community is trying to move faster than society’s notion of what is right or wrong.  We are only now beginning to accept Gays as equals and normals into our work places, Churches, and homes.  And just when we are coming to grips with the idea that, yes, people can be born Gay, you’re asking us to take another detour off normal.

And for most of us, that detour is really hard to take.  Mostly because ninety percent of us ‘normals’ don’t like what we see in the mirror when we look at ourselves.

Just ask the fat girl who looks in the mirror and wants to see a thin girl.  And don’t you think for a second that she doesn’t look into that mirror and feels with her whole soul that she was born to be THIN!.  Should she call herself a Transskinny and walk around in clothes to small for her?

And what about people born Black but feel that they are a White person in a Black person’s body. Should they call themselves Transracial.  And don’t say it doesn’t happen.  Just a year or so ago, we as a nation were all upset and talking about the White woman who said she felt she was a Black person born in a White person’s body and went so far as to become the president of the Spokane, Washington Chapter of the NAACP.  And we were ALL commenting on how ridiculous that sounded.

                                                      Rachel Dolezal

Now, as far as The Bathroom Bill goes, the first image that popped into my head was that of a big tall hairy guy in a dress.  I was not thinking pervert or child rapist or anything like that.  But the image of a man in a dress was the first thing that came to my mind.  And I’m sure it’s the same for most Americans.

What I’m trying to say here is that I don’t think that you’ve done enough PR work to get most of the country on your side.

And from one Transracial (I identify as an upper class very wealthy white woman) Transskinny (a sleek size 8) who has learned to love her body (Black and a size 24) the way it is, good luck to you on your journey to the bathroom.

Until then, most of the country would appreciate it if you’d use the bathroom for the gender you physically are until after you’ve completed your gender reassignment surgery.  And for God’s sake get a better spokesperson than Caitlin Jenner.


Eliza D. Ankum
Author of
Flight 404
Ruby Sanders
Jared Anderson
OneThreeThirteen – Master Of The Day Of Judgment
Dancing With The Fat Woman
STALKED! By Voices




One thought on “Devil’s Advocate – The Bathroom Bill

  1. I’m not going to assert percentages, but I seldom look twice at who is going in which bathroom. Parents go in “the wrong one” all the time with their opposite gender kids here. People go in each other’s bathroom because the other one is full, or out of order. I do live in a small town, and crimes in bathrooms are more common in big cities. I’m sorry you had a stalker, but I doubt it was a “fake transgender would-be-rapist”, which is all that ridiculous law seems to be aimed at.

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