Grey’s Custody Battle


For those viewers of Grey’s Anatomy who have not followed the show from the beginning, let me give you a bit of background on Callie.  And perhaps then, the custody verdict will make more sense.

First off, Callie is not a lesbian, in the true sense.  Shocking, I know.

Our dear Callie, who at the start of the show was living in the basement of the hospital, which is why Richard did not testify for her, was head over heels in love with a fellow intern by the name of George.  For Callie, the sun rose and set in George, but alas, George was in love with, you guessed it, Meredith.

It was only after George was killed that Callie took comfort in Arizona’s arms. Things went well for a while and then her old self esteem issues (about being big and tall) surfaced.

And along came Mark Sloan, little Sofia’s father, and Callie stopped being a lesbian.  But when Mark went after one of the newer and younger interns and Callie went back to Arizona.  And so it went back and forth until the current situation.

Arizona cheated on Callie and Callie jumped on the first thing moving, Penny.  Not a problem, until Penny was award a grant to study in New York.

I fully expected Callie, who seemed to have matured, to say, “Of course we’ll keep in touch and I’ll be here when you finish in New York.  And we can take up where we left off.”    But instead, she said, “And of course, I’ll go with you to New York.”

It was with that statement, two weeks earlier, that I knew Callie had lost custody of her child.  It only needed to be formalized.

That statement showed an absolute and total disregard for the child and also for Arizona.   It was all about what Callie wanted, even though her new relationship, with Penny, was less than six months old, and had yet to prove its self.  She was literally, going off with a stranger and dragging her child along with her.   And that, my friends, is why she lost custody of Sofia.


A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth

Eliza D. Ankum
Author of
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