Matthew McConaughey’s New Movie

In the course of doing research for my e-books, Ruby Sanders and Jared Anderson, I read the books, The Free State Of Jones, 12 Years A Slave, and Incidents In The Life Of A Slave Girl, and from the first stroke of my pen, I knew Matthew McConaughey would be perfect in the role of Newt Knight.

Of course, I had to change that name, Newt.  It just did not fit with my image of Matthew McConaughey.  When I think of Mr. McConaughey, I think of tuxedos, diamonds, and Lincoln cars.  There is a jewelry store here Illinois by the name of Jared, so I used that to come up with the name Jared Anderson.

I KNEW HIM BY THE SOUND of his voiceI must admit that I was so intrigued by the thought of seeing him again that it set my heart racing and I forgot to stay hidden.  I dared to peek.

Gone was the curious little boy with mousy brown hair, skinned knees, and big feet. The Jared who entered the Wilkes’ house was not a boy, but a full-grown man.  

His body showed signs of hard physical labor. Even through the fine clothes he wore, you could see a well-muscled upper body with a narrow waist and long sturdy legs. This older Jared was as tall as my father.  He had light brown hair with just a whisper of gold. His eyes were so blue they could have been cut straight from the sky.  And his face was caressed with a tan from the summer sun and he wore an easy smile and seemed very self-assured.

I did, however, get one thing very wrong.  Originally, I had Halle Berry as Ruby.


Eliza D. Ankum
Ruby Sanders
Jared Anderson A Novel



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