A Question About Old Nick


A question or should I say questions regarding Old Nick from the movie, Room.

What if after she got out of the shed, people, who she thought she could trust, started telling her that her experience in the shed had all been in her mind and that Old Nick was really a friend?And what if Old Nick was everywhere she went.  He started attending her Church?

What if Old Nick came to her job?

What if Old Nick got an apartment near her?

What if Old Nick became buddy-buddy with the cops?

What if family members had become buddy-buddy with Old Nick?  Started going on trips with Old Nick?  Started having Old Nick over to the house so, that when you walked in Old Nick was sitting on the sofa smiling at her?

What people told her she should listen to Old Nick, because Old Nick was wise and had a special gift?

And what if people told her Old Nick was the way he was because of her?  It was all her fault he’d kidnapped her.

And she was the bad one because she didn’t want to be friends with Old Nick?

And what if the cops stood idly by and let Old Nick verbally assault her everyday.

So, she summons up her courage and goes in to talk with the cops and they say, “We haven’t heard about any problem out there.”  Or, “You’re the one with the problem.  Old Nick is a friend to this community.”

Well, welcome to my world.  Now, you know why this movie was so hard for me to watch.

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