The Price Of Not Caring



I thought about writing this post for a long time.  But I kept telling myself that I should stay of it, I’m a Bernie Sanders voter.  But the price of indifference is much too high.  And ‘I told you so’ a bitter draught. 

I remember when Al Gore and George W. Bush were running for President.  Everyone assumed that Al Gore had the race wrapped up.  Everyone but me.  I was sure Bush was going to win.  So much so, that on election night, I went out to a polling station in the neighborhood and stood by the doors yelling, “Don’t vote for Bush.  He’s going to start a war.”  And I kept yelling that until a big Black guy came up to me and half way knocked me down.  After I righted myself, I thought, “if that’s the way you people feel about it, I’m going to take my vision and myself home.  You people can deal with the consequences!”

Well, here we are again on the thresholds of another Presidential election with a presumed winner.  There is no presumed winner, here, folks.

Let say, I am not a Hillary Clinton fan.  Not because I don’t trust her but because I see her campaign as a backdoor for Bill Clinton to retake the White House.

And, YES, in some ways he was a great President.  I know millions of Black folks loved him.  So, did I.  But the combination of Bill Clinton giving away all our jobs and George W. Bush giving away all our money, to the 911 victims, has really left Black communities all across this country struggling.  I see it everyday as I drive down Roosevelt Road to work –  all the out of work Black men standing on street corners.   And the Three Strike Black offenders crowing our jails.  Why are the Three Strike White offenders being shown mercy and the Black ones aren’t?

That being said, I am terrified of Donald Trump becoming President.

If Kim Jong Il is willing to have one of his cabinet members shot for falling asleep during a meeting, what do you think he’ll do to us after a meeting with Donald Trump?

World Trade Center


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