He Did Not Obey Commands



He did not obey commands 

I think he was obeying her command.  No doubt, she ordered him back to vehicle and he complied by putting his hands in the air and walking towards his vehicle and not towards her.

But aside from that, unless there were outstanding wants or warrants against Mr. Crutcher, or the plates on his car were expired, his taillight broken, or he was suspected of robbing one of trees, since there are no stores, food markets, or banks in this area, Mr. Crutcher had the right to refuse to obey.

I’d like other bloggers, lawyers, and judges to weigh in on this topic:

If there is no imminent threat to the Police Officer, or other citizens, and you have NOT committed a crime, do you have the right to refuse to obey a Police Officer?

A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth

Eliza D. Ankum




2 thoughts on “He Did Not Obey Commands

  1. He was obeying commands. If he was he would atill be alive. This whole BLACK LIVES MATTER is a bunch of fucking liberal bullshit and all of you fucking people that believe what the media is telling you and the way they portray cops as being the criminals fuck you and your stupid thoughts. White people, Asians, Hispanics, all get shot everyday oh but wait lets only glorify the ones the media wants us to see. WAKE THE FUCK UP YOU DEGENRATE FUCKS AND DO SOMETHING THAT ACTUALLY MAKES A GOD DAMN DIFFERENCE.

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