Three Stories #2


Story #2:  The Terence Crutcher Shooting

Video link:

As the aunt of a hearing impaired young Black man, and the fried of an eighty year old hard of hearing man, who frequently turns his hearing aid off, this story brought me to tears.

I, at first, believed the officer may have been justified in shooting Mr. Crutcher, because video clearly shows him walking back from her car.  And the first thing they tell you at a traffic stop, which is what I thought this was, is not to get out of your car.  And I thought Mr. Crutcher might have been upset about being stopped and got out of his car and went over to exchange a few words with the officer.


Mr. Crutcher’s vehicle had stalled in the middle of the road, which explains why he was out of his vehicle.  When the officer pulled up behind him, he, naturally, got out of his vehicle and went over to explain to the officer what was going on.

Now, here is where Tulsa Oklahoma Officer  Betty Shelby went wrong and why she justly deserves to be charged with manslaughter.

When Mr. Crutcher got out of his vehicle and went over to explain, instead of identifying Mr. Crutcher as a Tulsa citizen in need of her help (remember their slogan, We Serve and Protect) she identified him as a “bad dude.”

Instead of calling a tow truck, which would have served Mr. Crutcher, and garnered the Police Department where she worked, some welcomed praise, she called:

A helicopter
And a second patrol car

All of whom, will witness against her.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I cried some tears for her, too.  Her racial prejudices and stereotypes will cost her; her job, her friends, her lifestyle, her home, and her freedom.

I’m sure she is very sorry for what she did, but she absolutely deserves to go to jail.  Why?

Take another look at the video.  The second patrol car with two male policemen had already arrived by the time Mr. Crutcher had made it to his vehicle.  And the two male policemen had Mr. Crutcher surrounded when she pulled the trigger.  They were so close, that she could have shot one of them by mistake.

If anything, Officer Shelby should be charged with murder.  But I know, from the situations happening right here in Chicago, that a murder conviction against a Police Officer is difficult to obtain.

And lastly, Officer Shelby if you were that afraid of doing your job, perhaps you should have been home baking cookies instead of walking around with a loaded gun.

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