Three Stories

Three stories caught my attention this week.  First up:

 Brad and Angelina. 


Honestly, I must admit that I’m surprised that Brad and Angelina made it this far after Angelina’s illness.   And I always figured that she’d be the one to bail; not Brad. 

Why?  Take it from a person who has only felt the fringes of the fire of the ‘perfection demon’ that singes the soul of a person like Angelina Jolie.

And who, these days, is a better representation of it than her.

The perfection demon whispers in your ear, constantly, that if you’re not perfect — every hair in place, makeup applied precisely, perfect pearly white teeth, perfect skin, perfect weight, and perfect body —  no one will love you!

No matter what the outward story, it must have been hard for her to look in the mirror and believe that Brad could still love her.

So, whose voice was she to believe, the perfection demon that told her Brad was lying about loving her, or Brad Pitt?

So then, how do we – Angelina and her perfection demon – deal with Brad?

With regards to Brad Pitt’s child abuse allegations, I almost fell off the bed laughing.  My first thoughts were, “Come on Brad let the kids have the ice cream just don’t let them eat it in front of Angelina, and you’ll be OK.”

My second thought, after hearing about the incident on the plane, was that an over-privileged and under disciplined child will try the nerves of even the best parent.  And what parent hasn’t lost their temper.

But, if you’re out there, tell someone so we can nominate you for sainthood.

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