I Was Right About


This past weekend, I had the weekend off, again. And my movie choice this time was, ‘The Free State Of Jones.’

I know it’s considered bad form to toot your own horn, but I was absolutely right about the choice of Matthew Mcconaughey for the role.

Now, I have to be honest here and say that what first attracted me to Mr. Mcconaughey was his voice (not his remarkable southern accent, but his voice). But as I worked the story over the year of 2015-2016, and watched him in Dallas Buyers Club, Interstellar, and True Detective, I was even more impressed with his acting range.

And I was stunned and grateful when I saw and heard a close approximation of my name in the film: EANK (in large letters on the side of a building).  And the man who owned Rachel was named EANKINS. Thank you Mr. Mcconaughey for that acknowledgment.

My only criticism of the film was that I could tell that the screen play was written by a man, (Gary Ross) even before the credits rolled. The film barely touched on the relationship between Newt and Rachel that I tweaked in my blogs:

https://rubyssanders.wordpress.com and https://rubysjared.wordpress.com

Here was a man able to get two women of different races to accept him as a husband. Usually, when you put a Black and a White woman in the same house with the same man as their husband, someone ends up cut.

And Miss Gugu Mbatha-Raw reminded me so much of Gloria Ruben, I had to keep reminding myself it wasn’t Ruben on screen.

Now the second thing that I got right was Alex Baldwin as Donald Trump.



Check out Chapter 10  and 16 of 24 –  The Hunt For Red November


and Chapter 16  


Alex nailed it. I’m still laughing.


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