My Confession About The Election


I have a confession to make concerning my post, ‘Hate Is The Reason.’

I wrote that post about two weeks prior to the election.  But I knew a long long long time back that Donald Trump was going to win. 

He was by no means my first choice.  I was certain that Jeb Bush was going to win (See my post Jeb Bush posted September 28, 2014).  But for whatever reason Bush’s wife, Columba, did not rally the Hispanic vote to support him, or, I should say that it did not look that way from where I stood.  Thus, he lost in the Primaries.

And as soon as I saw President Elect Trump modeling some of my stalker’s behavior (spewing hate by saying cruel vicious and obnoxious, and sexually explicit things in public) I tried to warn people with my post The Donald.  But it was to no avail.

I know right about now, you’re thinking that’s ridiculous.  You’re a little nobody.  Why would Donald Trump take note of you and some ‘non-existent’ stalkers. Why would he do such a thing?  Stop and think about how many times Donald Trump mentioned Chicago in his speeches. 

And the reason he did it, is because IT WORKS. 

You have no idea the people (important people, unimportant people, religious people, pillars of the community, total strangers, employers – big and small mindless of the current sexual harassment laws) who lined up and got on board the let’s humiliate Eliza bandwagon by making her think she’s losing her mind and hearing voices saying all sorts of vile disgusting things about her in public.  She’d never think we’d do a thing like that.  After all that’s against the law.  “So, let’s do it,” they said with smiles of mirthful glee on their faces.  (That last sentence was the writer in me.) 

But people who didn’t know me from Adam or make that Eve.  People who had no idea who I am, what I represent, whether or not I’m a mean person or kind person.   People who had no idea if i”d done anything wrong.  People who just liked the idea of doing something – anything, whether it was good or bad, so long as they felt a part of what was going on.  Those people got on board! 

They had absolutely no idea where this thing was headed, the awfulness of it, whether or not they’d like the outcome, or even if the whole thing was a good idea.   That they never gave it a single thought.  They just got on board the hate wagon.

They got on board to the idea that it’s OK to hate and to spew your hate on others so much so that Chicago is suffering through some of the worse violence in its history. 

And if this current wave of hate spewing continues on point, our whole country is going to go through the same violence that Chicago is experiencing until we come to the conclusion that it is NOT OK TO SPREAD HATE.

When I realized how much people these days love to hate, I stopped wanting to be normal.  

A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth
Eliza D. Ankum

You can read some of my horrific biography for free at:


Yesterday, I heard that President Elect Trump had chosen Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. I also chose him as the model for Alabama Senator Jackson ‘Ready’ McRae in The Hunt For Red November.  I have a feeling that the next few months will provide a wealth of writing material.




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