Last night, I had the opportunity to watch FRONTLINE’s documentary on the Refugee problem. And it was quite disturbing.

If I did not live where I’m currently living, Maywood, a western suburb of Chicago, I would have said that there is no such thing as crowd mentality. But the violence in Chicago is a clear indication of crowd mentality — as are the recent mall riots initiated via social media.

I know that there is a civil war going on Syria, but the civil war does not fully account for the actions of the Syrian refugees.  Even knowing that crowd mentality exists, it is still hard to understand how they ‘collectively’ got it into their heads that going to Europe and the United States was their best option.  It wasn’t and still isn’t.

Let me share with you one example from FRONTLINE’s documentary.
Hassan or Hassam the Syrian. Hassan was a protester during the Arab Spring uprising and was horribly beaten during a protest that was put down by the military police. He then decided a year or two later, after he’d healed, that he had to leave Damascus, Syria — not Homs or Aleppo, where the civil war is raging – but Damascus.

He journeyed to Turkey where he stayed for awhile before finding someone who willing to smuggle him into Greece. From Greece, he did the dangerous sea crossing to Calais, France. He then stayed in an overcrowded refugee area of Calais known as The Jungle. He stayed there because England is just a short swim from Calais, France. However, it is closely guarded by Police and dogs. But every night, Hassan would try and sneak into England via the short swim. And every night he had to turn back because of the guards.

Now here’s what got me thinking that there is something truly wrong here. After numerous tries to sneak into England via the short swim, Hassan gave up and paid $5,000.00 for a fake passport and plane ticket from Calais, France to England.

I was floored. He had $5,000.00 the entire time. He passed up Turkey, Greece, and France to get to England. At any point along the way, he could have used that $5,000.00 to get himself an apartment, a job, a car, and a life. But he was dead-set on getting into England.

Not to dis my English brothers and sisters, but all I could think was “What the hell is so special about England?”

And much of the other refugees in the documentary, even a Black guy from Africa, had the same mindset.

Now, here’s the other thing that kind of had me intrigued watching the documentary. These same people don’t seem to me to have put up much of a fight for their country.  I know they protested the government but not much else.  Russia rolled in under the guise of ISIS and the rolled out.

And will in two years – after it’s been rebuilt and resettled by the Russians – will demand that the people of England and the United States get their land back for them. That’s almost guaranteed.  Have we learned nothing from watching the Israelis and the Palestinians?

And as far as I know, not all of Syria is currently under attack. Why not, instead of doing all that walking and sneaking around, just resettle in another part of the country and ask for foreign aid. They would have gotten a far better result if they had. But that mindset of having to get to Europe and to the US totally messed them up.

Check out this post from December 16, 2015 entitled, Syrian Immigration.



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