Maywood Mayor’s Race


Two weeks ago, while I was out basking in the sixty degree February weather, someone left a campaign flyer on my door.  I took one look at it, snatched it off the door, and tried my best to stomp it to pieces.

It was a campaign flyer for The Maywood United Party (Henderson Yarbrough, Audrey Jaycox, and Readith Ester).   These three people – trustees – have NOT done a damn thing to help Maywood.  And believe me, I spent the morning researching them.  But, much much more, back in 2007 when I was out of work and attending the Tuesday night meetings at 125 S. Fifth Avenue, these three were in power then and the only thing they’ve accomplished is padding their pocketbooks.

Under these three, I suffered unimaginable verbal abuse from a family of stalkers and these three would not do a damn thing about it.

It is just now that the Maywood Police have been able to quiet some of the stalkers screaming and prowling of our streets.  It is just now that the Maywood Police have been able to get the money, equipment, and cooperation they need in order to Police our streets.

So if you want to go back to the dark ages of constant drive-bys, sexual perverts roaming unabated in your streets, disappearing tax revenues, and more store closing so Yarbrough can buy up land cheap and make a profit – selling to Melrose Park business people – when the Village goes under, then by all means cast your vote for the Maywood United Party.

But, myself, have enough bullet holes in my walls and I’m tired of listening to a well-connected perv, and I hate having to drive all the way to Broadview or Melrose Park to buy a loaf of bread.

The Maywood United Party a step BACKWARDS for Maywood!

A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth
Eliza D. Ankum
Author of
Flight 404
Ruby Sanders – A Novel
Jared Anderson (The Ruby and Jared Saga Book 2)
OneThreeThirteen – A Presidential Agent Novel Series
Dancing With The Fat Woman
Thou Shalt Eat Dust
STALKED! By Voices




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