Yarbrough, Jaycox, and Ester


In a post I did last week entitled, Maywood’s Mayor’s Race, I said I hadn’t found much of anything that Henderson Yarbrough has or had done for The Village of Maywood. After doing further research, I take exception to that statement.

Let’s start with the above video where he extols on his many accomplishments while in office.

As I listened to the video, the first thing that came to my mind was, “has the Trustee and Mayoral candidate ridden down Washington Avenue lately?”

Except for the nine and a half blocks from 1st Avenue to a little past 10th Avenue, Washington Blvd. is one of the worst streets in Maywood. It is full of pot holes and ruts and top speed you can achieve without damaging your car is about ten miles per hour.

And as for 1st Avenue, those repairs he talks about extend from where 1st Avenue meets the repairs on Washington Avenue and run to 1701 S. 1st Avenue which is the location of the Cook County Department of Public Health and the entrance to the Eisenhower Expressway.

And the repairs on 5th Avenue run about the same length.
And we are to believe that those few blocks of repairs cost $17 million dollars.
And let’s not forget those 77 Cameras? They seem more Chief Talley’s idea than they do former Mayor Henderson.

Now, here’s what I did find.

A lot of pictures of the Mayor – at events – smiling for the cameras.




And a very interesting article published in August of 2012.

Corbin Funeral Home – Closed – not because the Village asked him to pay over $200,000.00 in taxes but because Trustees Yarbrough, Jaycox, and Ester voted against giving him an easement to an alleyway so that he could build a parking lot.

The now defunct Maywood Food Market – Closed – and that little debacle cost the Village anywhere from 2 to 7 million dollars depending on who you ask.
The following excerpt was taken from an article by The Village Free Press

The village had put up more than $3 million in taxpayer money towards the store’s development. Last year, the village paid off a $250,000 loan, taken out for the purposes of floating cash flow operations, on which the Maywood Market developer defaulted in 2011. When the lender, the now-defunct Seaway Bank, couldn’t find the developer, it decided to pursue the village.

Aldi Food Store – Closed – And once again, Yarbrough, Jaycox, and Ester voted against lowering Aldi’s taxes.

The following quote was taken from an article by the Chicago Tribune:

“They’ve given two main reasons,” Boykin said. “The first is because this store is the least-shopped store in terms of Cook County, [and] … the other reason why they want to close the store is because property taxes at this location have increased 80 percent over the last six years.”

Seaway Bank – Closed. Need I say more.
Now, I know that Trustees Yarbrough, Jaycox, and Ester were not the only reason that Seaway Bank, but I’m sure that 3.5 million dollar loan they floated the city to cover the cost of the Maywood Market did not help.

With Henderson, Jaycox, and Ester in power, I’d expect to the Village of Maywood – Closed.


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