Movies! Movies! Movies!

Hey, my darling readers it’s the freakin weekend.  And have I got a movie for you.

 It’s Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard’s Allied.  

It’s got enough action for the boys and plenty of romance for the girls.

Brad Pitt is looking like Brad Pitt right down to the brown bomber jacket.  And Marion Cotillard is fantastic in this film noir.  However, she looks so much like Angelina it’s a bit distracting.  But after a while, I got into it.

So, my recommendation is order in the pizza, put some rum in that Coke, pop the popcorn, and enjoy Allied.  Don’t for the tissues.  It’s a cryfest.

My next movie, I haven’t seen but it looks to have plenty of action and some romance.  It’s the SciFi thriller Passengers.

I’m going to watch this one for the pure pleasure of a good movie, even though, I know that there is no such thing as hypersleep.  Because, not only did God put the seasons in the Earth, but he also put them in our bodies as well.  Ask any Doctor who has a coma patient.  You’re going to age whether you’re wide awake or asleep.  So, you might as well stay awake an enjoy the ride.

A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth

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